Quality, Safety and Environment
OrcaNet provides input right from the project’s inception so that we can advise customers on their options. When deciding on the route taken by the cable, we help them to choose the most favourable routes for the preservation of submarine flora and fauna. 
Health, safety and environmental issues are of great importance to OrcaNet. Our cable projects are delivered and installed in a safe and orderly manner without endangering people, materials or nature. OrcaNet engages OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) certified consulting companies in every project to ensure the adherence  to meet Safety and Environmental ordinance.
Reducing the impact of our marine operations starts with limiting the amount of waste – even permissible waste – that goes into the sea. We keep all refuse aboard and destroy it once we are back in port. Not only do we take all possible precautions to minimise our discharge at sea, but we also make sure we do not discharge our ballast water any old how. Large quantities of sea water are carried by ships to improve their stability; but the ballast water can contain organisms that may invade and destroy ecosystems elsewhere on the planet: this type of pollution is known as eutrophication. Clearly, we need to be very careful about not moving potentially invasive species from one region to another.