Subsea Cables
A leading, Tier 1 supplier of subsea umbilical and cable connectivity solutions on land, in shallow and in deep water applications to meet increasingly challenging environments, OrcaNet applies a sustainable growth strategy which demonstrates continued investment in technology, people, processes and new markets.
Extensive engineering, manufacturing, logistics and project management expertise made our transition into offshore electric cable manufacturing inevitable and seamless.
Our Value Proposition
  1. Complete product portfolio including termination solutions
  2. Sound engineering analysis & design
  3. Partnership with World class manufacturers
  4. Expert project management
  5. Extensive storage & load-out facilities
  6. Offshore installation services
  7. Competitive pricing
  8. Strategic locations worldwide
  1. Procurement Planning
  2. Purchasing
  3. Expediting
  4. Inspection and Testing
  5. Traffic and Transportation
  6. Spare Parts Procurement
  7. Field Purchases
  8. Materials Tracking and Control
  9. Interfacing management
Overcoming Challenges – Improving Reliability
A recent investment in a pioneering Test, Qualification & Reliability (TQR) facility to evaluate and assimilate the long term behavior of deepwater umbilical cables allows us to understand how an umbilical will perform, before it is even built.
Our total value proposition is indicative of the company’s position at the forefront of deepwater, high pressure umbilical technology – and underlines why OrcaNet is positioned to be a supply chain leader for subsea array cables in the offshore telecommunications market.