Before the installation: desktop study and surveys
As part of the response to tenders for installing a liaison, OrcaNet conducts studies on the routes provided by the customer or proposes to create new routes to connect different locations. OrcaNet Desktop Study Division provides a comprehensive service from preparation to post-operation.

These analyses are conducted using several GIS – Geographic Information System.
  • Desktop studies
To evaluate the technical feasibility of the project and establish the installation schedule, OrcaNet conducts Desktop Studies.
These preliminary studies are based on archives, without operation at sea. They aim at providing accurate GIS data, marine charts and activity information to create or adjust cable routes and bring together in a single document the essential factors to consider when installing a subsea system such as:
  • the most suitable ship considering disposal and cost
  • operation planning
  • cable routing
  • charts
  • risk assessment for the cable
  • length and depth of burial depending on the nature of seabed
  • site and route evaluation, including landing sites in each country
  • a statutory section integrating regulatory requirements of the various authoritative bodies, environmental assessments, imposed burying depths, permitting feasibility studies with the allocation of responsibilities
  • seismological studies, to lay the cable in the safest environment
  • bathymetry
  • geology, lithology
  • oceanography
  • risks and constraints related to the environment, human activities, legislation
  • oil production zone, navigation restriction zones, nature reserves, cable crossings
  • optimal weather periods
The project managers consider the client requirements expressed in the specifications, the factors of the preliminary studies, the technical constraints, and develop comprehensive installation offers. They bring the project through from inception to completion.
After this study OrcaNet provides:
  • detailed Route Position Lists – RPL – with precise details of all the necessary cable route events, coordinates, depth, final cable quantities adjusted for correct slack values
  • Straight Line Diagrams
  • charts and technical plans
  • path profiles along routes
  • data issued from treatment and analysis of the study
  • surveys
OrcaNet offers survey services to complete the Desktop studies information. The survey is a key part of the initial phase of cable routing.